Do you have a REALTOR®?

Seems like a silly question, right? Oh contrare! People use the terms REALTOR® and real estate agent interchangeably, but that is incorrect! They are NOT the same. Although both are licensed to sell real estate in a particular state, the main difference between a real estate agent and a REALTOR® is a REALTOR® is a member of the National Association of REALTORS®.

A REALTOR® must subscribe to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, which is strictly enforced by local real estate boards. The 17 Articles of the Code of Ethics also contain various underlying Standards of Practice. It's not just a bunch of rules that agents swear to uphold and adhere to because their broker made them join the Board. The Standards are much more restrictive and confining to conduct than those state guidelines governing agents who simply hold a real estate license, and could result in suspension or loss of licensure if violated.

Above all, however, the REALTOR® must pledge to put the interests of her clients above her own.

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